Make time...

Marriage Takes time to develop and nurture. Simply Make time!


Nobody can satisfy you like your spouse can.

Nobody can satisfy you like your spouse can... They are anointed to minister to you. #TeachThemHow

God can and will equip you and you alone to be the minister of the needs for your spouse. As you grow together and learn to communicate your needs and desire to one another, you will have all the tools needed to help fulfill the emotional, physical, and social desires of you spouse. Intimacy involves more than just the sex and physical touch we normally associate it with. It also includes the pouring out of the desires, and passions from the heart soul and mind of one another. Don't be afraid to share your innermost thoughts. That is how we grow and become the best for our marriage's growth. Refuse to hold back, and resist the temptation to withhold what should be freely given. You have the keys, and you are the minister for your spouse.


Ladies.....Here are 10 ways to get and keep that Ring on your Finger.........Part 1

Truth is living a life with full confidence and assurance of your value as a jewel and precious gift will place you in that position of hiding being covered under the Lord's hands and ready for the "finding of a good thing" the Word speaks about. So whether you've been found or awaiting the God ordained encounter, I pray that love continues to surround you and that you continue living the life of a queen fit only for a king. Love comes in many phrases, actions, and examples...here are a few to help you get the point across. We men really appreciate just as much variety as you my sisters. Have fun with these and may your relationships be blessed and full.

1. Take your girlfriends shopping only when he is not coming along

2. Make His favorite Lemon pie (or whatever he likes) even when you're on a diet

3. Never never say, "I told you so."

4. Never criticize him or apologize for him in public

5. If he will not go to church with you, tell him once or twice that you would like him to, then keep quiet about it.

6. Never humiliate him by talking about him to others when he is right there in the room.

7. Watch him workout with weights

8. Never ask him to do anything you can do for yourself.

9. Never compare him with old boyfriends, your father, or former husband.

10. Try to use the word our instead of my whenever you can....

More to come....

Give these a try and watch your life together bloom with even more excitement and fire....:)


You're on the same team.....

Your spouse is on your team, resist the temptation to be so critical, sarcastic, and confrontational. There is enough of that coming your way from the outside. Create an atmosphere where communication can freely come forth. Speak to one another in love and be clear when you ask a question or give an answer. Remember, you are one.


How to Restore Your Marriage and ignite the Romantic Fire!

Aren’t you tired of coming home every night to the same old tired monotonous arguments and cold attitudes from your spouse. Wouldn’t it be great to finally enjoy the company of someone who is really interested in you and your ideas and passions. IS this really what you got married for? When was the last time you and your spouse spent any time doing something other than come home, cook, check homework, rake the leaves, clean the bathrooms, wash dishes, check the mail, log onto the internet, go to the church meetings, wash clothes, take a shower, read the paper and go to bed? Are your eyes constantly full of tears, because of painful reminders of infidelity and unforgiven and unforgotten hurt in your marriage? Do you feel disrespected, dishonored, unloved, and unimportant to your spouse. Has there been any door slamming lately and have you had recent thoughts of leaving or separating from your spouse? Are you ready to get that emotional relief you’ve been waiting for? Do you wonder if it will ever get any better? Hasn’t the last 5 years of your marriage and the same routine been enough already. I thought so too, and that is when I realized I had become complacent and very redundant in my marital relationship. Living and passion had been comfortably taken for granted…my attitude about romance, even changed…It was time to do something about it or be destined to live a married life I had never hoped for . What my wife and I did to restore the passion, vigor and life in our marriage are the answers I have outlined in this E-book "How To Restore Your Marriage and ignite the Romantic Fire."

Marriage Tips: Let Him Be Your Man

Your husband wants to be the man you need him to be....resist the temptation to tell him what he's not...call him what you need, and watch him become just that.